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About our online chat

This is the safest way to talk to us. Just type in the chat window to the left. When you connect with us, the first few messages you receive from us will be automated. These will give you more information about the service and our confidentiality policy.

Your conversations with our counsellors are confidential and secure. You may end the conversation at any time. Once it’s done, your chat history will be erased.

Tips to stay safe online

  • Use private browsing / incognito mode when using our chat function
  • Use a password on your phone or device
  • Clear your browser history after your chat
  • Delete your text history after texting us
  • Don’t take screenshots

If you would like information about us or our services please call our local or toll free numbers at these locations:

Pavilion Women's Centre

Shelter & Outreach Office
PO Box 37
Haileybury, ON  P0J 1K0

1-888-871-9090 (Toll Free)
1-705-672-5922 (fax)
TTY Machine 1-705-672-3234

Pavilion Women's Centre

Outreach Office
PO Box 66
Kirkland Lake, Ontario
P2N 3M6
1-705-567-2420 (fax)

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*This account is not monitored 24/7 and should not be used as a means to complete a referral, seek services, or provide donations. For service related inquires, please call us at 705-672-2128 or toll-free at 1-888-871-9090. If phone options do not meet your needs, please use our chat feature.