Why do Men Abuse?

  • have learned this behaviour in their family or origin (75% of batterers have witnessed their father abusing their mother)
  • believe and are influenced by dominant male images reinforced by society and media
  • live in society where there are few, if any, negative consequences for woman abuse
  • believe it is an appropriate expression of power and control
  • want their partner to remain dependent on them

Why do Women Stay?

  • want their relationship to work and hope their partner will change
  • fear of reprisals from their partner
  • lack of money or housing (95% of women who left their partner live below the poverty line
  • want their children to have a father at home
  • feel guilt, shame and responsibility for the abuse
  • are not aware that help is available
  • may have religious or familial beliefs that condemn a woman for leaving
  • do not have personal or social supports
  • fear of losing their children